About Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry Lovers Around The World Are Choosing Landau fashion jewelry. Read on and you'll wonder why you ever shopped elsewhere!

Landau Jewelry Is The Best In The Industry. Landau distinguishes itself through its magnificent pieces inspired by the most prominent European designers. We focus on providing impeccable service and extraordinary quality and craftsmanship. Our buyers search the world for the latest trends and most elegant designs. The finish, weight and feel of our jewelry make it impossible to distinguish from its more expensive counterparts. Landau uses the highest quality synthetic stones which will stand the test of time and apply heavier layers of gold than do less expensive pieces. Landau jewelry is so exceptional that we offer an unparalleled 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Who Buys Fashion Jewelry? Landau customers are typically savvy jewelry buyers who can easily afford more expensive pieces, but have discovered the many advantages to wearing high quality fashion jewelry. Landau clients travel with our pieces and don't have to worry about loss, theft or insurance. They are confident people who do not feel the need to purchase more expensive pieces to satisfy material ideals. Most importantly, our customers know that jewelry is no longer an investment, it is an accessory meant to be worn and enjoyed. The people who shop Landau are those who, like yourself, recognize fine jewelry design, quality and craftsmanship.

Does Fashion Jewelry Look Like The Real Thing? Landau's answer to that question is yes, yes and yes!

~ Our Stones - Landau uses the highest quality synthetic stones that are virtually undetectable without a jeweler's loop. Less expensive costume jewelers press their stones into hot metal so that the metal dries around the stones. Ours are made precisely like the real. A gem cutter cuts each stone and hand sets each one into place.

~ Our Gold - What you see on the surface is all gold. Landau offers a fine selection of 14K finished jewelry. We apply heavier layers of gold than do less expensive pieces that are merely "washed" with gold.

~ Our Pearls - Landau pearls are specially designed to look genuine. Most of our pearls are made in Milan where craftsmen take murano glass beads and layer them with mother of pearl. There is no way to tell that they are not real.

Why Is Fashion Jewelry Becoming So Popular?

~ Now you can take your fancy jewelry on vacation - no longer fear theft or misplacing your favorite pieces when you are away from home.

~ You don't need to purchase expensive insurance for our jewelry.

~ Jewelry is an accessory, not an investment. It is fashion, and if you become bored with it after several years, you can put it in your drawer with no guilt that you've spent thousands of dollars.

What If I Am Allergic To Other Fashion Jewelry? Landau jewelry is hypo-allergenic. Unlike most other costume jewelry, what touches your skin is all real gold and is layered so heavily that it is highly unlikely your skin will sense the base. Most individuals who react to costume jewelry can wear our premium jewelry without any problem.

How Do I Know I Can Put Trust Into My Fashion Jewelry Purchase? The quality of Landau jewelry is so exceptional that we offer an unparalleled 100% Lifetime Guarantee. This guarantee is the foundation for a long lasting relationship with you, our customer.


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