Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

CUBIC ZIRCONIA - Cubic zirconia is a dazzling man-made crystal with extraordinary brilliance and luster. Grown under tremendous heat, cubic zirconia was originally developed in Russia using highly advanced laser programs.

HOW IS CUBIC ZIRCONIA LIKE A DIAMOND? - Cubic zirconia reflects light like a diamond and has a hardness very close to that of a diamond. When brilliant cut, even an expert cannot detect the difference except for a lack of flaws or inclusions. Cubic zirconia weighs 60% more than a diamond.

ARE THERE DIFFERENT GRADES OF CUBIC ZIRCONIA? - Yes. Like diamonds, the quality of the cut and the size of the stone determine the value of cubic zirconia. Landau hand selects the finest cubic zirconia stones. which are hand cut and set for maximum brilliance.

HOW SHOULD A CUBIC ZIRCONIA BE CLEANED? - Like a diamond, clean your cubic zirconia using warm soap and water, jewelry cleaner, or ultrasonic cleaning techniques.


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